Depotting Eyeshadows: Urban Decay Vice Palette Edition

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I've been holding onto a Z Palette that wasn't full for some time now and decided that I wanted de-pot some of my palettes to fill it up. I really love the Urban Decay Vice Palette but I wasn't using it very often for some reason so I figured putting it in a palette would spark my interest in the shades again. I googled how to depot the Vice palette and I actually came up with nothing! There were lots of posts about other palettes with a cardboard surrounding but the Vice Palette is made of a sturdy plastic which made it more difficult. I managed to get the job done with this method, though the process wasn't perfect and I did almost ruin a few shadows I'm still happy with the end result. And don't worry, if you do crack a few shadows like I did, my next post will tell you how to fix this problem.

Products You'll Need:
1. Thin spatula, I used one by Cinema Secrets. It needs to be very thin to fit on the sides of the shadow.
2. Blow Dryer
3. Magnet palette, I used the Z Palette (If you do not have a magnetic palette you can purchase a roll of magnetic tape from Michael's and stick those to the back. I did that with a Makeup Forever Palette that I will also show you).