Updated Hair Routine

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I don't know if it's the weather, I don't know if it was the products I was using, but lately my hair has been extremely dry. I was going back and forth with a Dove conditioner and sulfate free Trader Joe's shampoo and that routine just was not working for me, my hair literally felt like straw. I made a trip to a local salon/beauty supply store and picked up a Shampoo/Conditioner combo by Joico that was on sale for $20.00. It's not like me to purchase a product without checking out reviews or trying it first but it was on a whim and I assumed Joico was a product I could trust. Turns out I was wrong about this and this shampoo/conditioner seemed to make my dry hair problems even worse. There was too much artificially lilac scent added to it and it was doing nothing for my dryness. Shortly after this I saw that Walgreens had a sale on Organix Conditioners for buy one get one free. I've heard good things about them so I went a little crazy and bought 4. I've used the conditioner a few times and I feel like it helped but I just didn't have my shampoo game right yet. Then I took my trip to Portland...

Freelance Life: Barn House Photo Shoot

Monday, July 15, 2013

One of the biggest things about promoting yourself as a freelance artist is to develop an impressive portfolio that will make potential clients want to book you. I've been doing makeup for over 10 years but unfortunately I didn't start taking the portfolio building seriously until recently.

Feature: Voodoo Dolls Cosmetics

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

If you participated in my giveaway you are probably wondering, what is that lipstick that she's giving away? What is this brand Voodoo Dolls Cosmetics and where can I get it?! The line was actually created by my cousins, Desi and Ciara and it is definitely worth checking out. You can find their products at www.voodoodollcosmetics.com for lips, cheeks, eyes and face. Just Out is hands down my favorite lip color, a corral/orange that's perfect for summer and a staple in my makeup bag. I have it pictured below compared with a couple other popular summer colors in the same range, Heftiest Hibiscus Chubby Stick by Clinique and Lady Danger by MAC. Just Out is in between the two as far as texture and it's super moisturizing. I find I'd rather wear this one during the summer instead of an ultra matte color so my lips stay moisturized. It glides on well and lasts throughout the day.

Travel Products Worth Your Money

Monday, July 8, 2013

Travel Products

I have this obsession with being a "bag lady" and carrying around all the possible things I could need throughout the day. This ranges from gum to a phone charger to 10 different lipsticks, vitamin E stick and various lip liners. I have perfume, eye drops and even a book sometimes.

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Good Morning Readers!
The day has come to announce the winner! I received so much great feedback on this I wish I could choose more than one winner but I tried to make this process as fair as possible.