Ruby Who?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm a little late on talking about this but I still feel it is worth reviewing since Rihanna's makeup collection for MAC is still due for release. I decided to go against my trend of not ordering limited edition products from MAC and I placed an order for "Riri Woo" which is Rihanna's signature red lipstick she pre-released before her actual collection comes out this summer. I had read that it was "inspired" by "Ruby Woo," their incredibly vibrant and matte as all hell red lipstick. I had seen the hype on instagram and I am a total sucker for a good red so when I received the reminder email I decided to go for it. I personally have 2 tubes of Ruby Woo sitting in my lipstick drawer but I acted on impulse, and it turns out now I have THREE tubes of Ruby Woo because the color is almost the same exact thing! Here's my review...

I've thought long and hard about how to compare to make it sound like there's really a difference but all I can really say about them is RiRi Woo is slightly less bright, let's say it doesn't have as much of an orange underton, but instead it's a bit more blue and somewhat less matte. Really though, that's it. It's a glorified Ruby Woo so if you missed out on the pre-sale consider yourself lucky and warned. Don't get my wrong, I love the color because I think Ruby Woo is a great red that everyone should own, I just disagree with the hype surrounding the color. I have a pro card and I wasn't even able to get my discount, so spending over $20.00 for a lipstick that I already have 2 of was pretty disappointing. A red is a red is a red and I will forever be needing red lipstick but this was definitely a lesson learned for me. I think at this point the only limited edition product I completely regret not purchasing was Heroine lipstick (if you have a tube and want to trade I'M DOWN ;)

Below are some photos wearing each color and I had the most difficult time keeping my photos straight since they're so similar! Let me know what you think, if you have it or if you plan on buying it, thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

Above: Can you tell which is which? On the Left top and bottom I have on Ruby Woo and the Right top and bottom I have Riri Woo.

Above: The two side by side so you can really see how they compare. 

Above: Riri Woo out of the package. I'll admit it's nice that they printed her signature on the actual lipstick. 


Riri Woo above and on the lips below

Ruby Woo in both photos of me below ;)

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