Review: Lush, Ro's Argan

Friday, August 29, 2014

Though my attitude on this is subject to change, for the most part I don't really enjoy putting moisturizer on. I think this has everything to do with me not liking the sticky feeling that comes with most of them and though some products don't have that finish and are great, I am glad that I discovered Ro's Argan by Lush because this almost eliminates that issue completely. Ro's Argan is a body conditioner that you apply in the shower that does exactly what a hair conditioner does, but for your skin.

After you wash yourself with a cleanser, you step away from the water and applying a coating of this product all over your body, the rose and Argan oil make it smell so amazing and gives it the most luxurious silky texture. Once it's all applied and rubbed in, you lightly wash it off with warm water. I place my shower head on a softer setting so it just glides off my skin without too much pressure, I also like to do this step at the end of my shower so the moisture isn't washed away with me standing in there too long. To towel dry, I pat the towel on my skin instead of rubbing it all over. If you would like, and it is recommended, you can apply your moisturizer ( or I would recommend a lush massage bar so you can get the full effect) or you can leave it be, without a lotion after the shower your skin will still be soft and moisturized to the touch.
The only down side to this product that I will mention is that it really sticks to your bathtub and grips onto dirt. I have to clean my tub right after I use it so it isn't dirty and also kinda slippery from the oils. So just be aware of that and keep your tub clean. But other than that, definitely a product worth buying again. My container is less than half way full and since I like to rotate products often, that's a big deal for me.

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