Beauty Blender: Real Vs. Dupe

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Monday Everyone! Are you ready to talk about the Beauty Blender? As a huge hater of gimmicks and fads, I was definitely skeptical about purchasing a Beauty Blender because I felt like there couldn't be something so great about a sponge. I've used cosmetic wedges before and they literally cost pennies so the idea of paying $20.00 for a sponge was ridiculous to me, yet the product has remained popular. I began researching the product to understand all the hype and I also looked into the dupes (duplicates) that exist because I'm a firm believer that you DO NOT have to spend a ton of money to get a great quality product. There are plenty of inexpensive brands that offer tools and products very similar, the same or sometimes better than the expensive ones. In the case of the Beauty Blender I initially purchased a dupe from Marshall's on a whim (it was priced at $4.00) and gave it a shot. In contrast, I currently enrolled in a makeup class that requires the original Beauty Blender (No dupes allowed!) and now have tested each completely unbiased and open minded and this is what I've concluded, the REAL Beauty Blender is worth the hype and I will tell you why...

I actually used the dupe blending sponge I'd say for a good month or so, I even purchased a set of 4 from Ebay for $10. This was a different brand from what I originally purchased but the product was pretty much the same. I'm going to compare the dupe with the original side by side and tell you about the vast differences.

1. Density - the dupe products are extremely dense. When you're holding one dry it's almost hard in your hand and difficult to squeeze. If you were to try to use it without running it under water, it would make your makeup extremely streaky because the density makes it hard for the foundation to glide. The original Beauty Blender's density is much lower, it is definitely more "spongy" which to me is a positive because i know from use that this light weight consistency is what ultimately gives you that airbrushed look. It gets into the harder to reach areas like around your nose and under your eye much easier than the dupe, allowing it to cover better.

Above: Dupe wet (left) and dry

Above: Cracked Dupe Sponge after one cleaning

2. Ease of Cleaning- When I first cleaned my dupe blender I found working the sponge under water and getting the cleanser to really penetrate the sponge was difficult. You have to really work it to get it clean and even then I noticed the foundation spots weren't cleaning off. I also noticed that as I was cleaning it, the sponge was tearing because of all the work I was doing, not good. The original Beauty Blender cleans very well, it is easily worked to get the product out of it and does not tear with all the motion. My first time cleaning it I was able to get all the foundation out, no problem.

Above: Beauty Blender wet (left) and dry

3. Application - Hands down the Original Beauty Blender delivers the most flawless application! I used the dupe like I said for a month and I honestly thought, ok this works pretty good I don't have to buy the original, but seriously the difference is insane. The Beauty Blender bounces so lightly on the skin and really gives you that airbrushed look almost effortlessly. With the dupe I noticed if the sponge was not super soaked with water it would not apply flawlessly, also it was common that I got streaks on my chin and down my neck after use. With the Original, this was a non issue.

Above: Me with Beauty Blender application, no filter!

Overall, I would say there is really no comparison. If you have the money you should really invest in the Beauty Blender because honestly it has now completely changed the way I apply my makeup. Not only is my time cut way down because it doesn't take long to apply, but my skin just looks so much more amazing. I would recommend this products, hands down.
Note: I only purchased two kinds of dupes for this comparisson. I know that MAC, Sonia Kashuk and many other brands make versions of the Beauty Blender and those products may work just as well. My opinion is only based off of the no name brand versions I bought at Marshalls and Ebay.

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