Therapeutic Thursday: Facial Detoxing

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Welcome to the first installment (and maybe the last, who knows) of Therapeutic Thursday! As I'm sure you've picked up on from my posts, not only am I a beauty junkie but I'm also extremely obsessed with skin care. I know all of the products I put on my skin can be damaging to my pores so I make it a point to start with a clean surface and detox my face as much as possible to eliminate impurities. It is also a DOUBLE bonus for me if such products are organic, thus good for me AND good for the planet. Lush is really my go-to brand for these types of products, and I have found my new favorite combination of skin magic when my face needs a serious detox from all the crap I throw on top of it on a daily basis.

What you will need to blow your mind:

  • a bowl of steaming hot water (fresh off the stove)
  • a shower towel
  • Lush Dream Steam Toner Tab
  • Face Mask (I'm using Lush's Brazened Honey)

I was introduced to this combination by a Lush associate (if you've ever been in a Lush store you know they are knowledgable and convincing as hell), I was looking for something to give my mask a little boost and this was exactly it. What you do is you take the toner tablet, drop it in the steaming hot water, and hold your head over the bowl with a towel over it. The idea is to let it get like a sona so your face absorbs all of the amazing rose, tea tree, chamomile and lavender. It sort of gives your skin a fresh start, than you follow with a mask. I chose Brazened Honey for "tired skin" to coincide with the whole rejuvenating theme and the scent was really great. It contains spices and honey along with almonds for exfoliating. After I let the mask dry completely (important step!), I applied a fragrance free moisturizer and called it a day. I didn't apply makeup at all after this process to give my skin a rest and really let it absorb the greatness! If you have any Therapuetic Thursday or Tuesday or whatever day, please feel free to share! 


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