Updated Hair Routine

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I don't know if it's the weather, I don't know if it was the products I was using, but lately my hair has been extremely dry. I was going back and forth with a Dove conditioner and sulfate free Trader Joe's shampoo and that routine just was not working for me, my hair literally felt like straw. I made a trip to a local salon/beauty supply store and picked up a Shampoo/Conditioner combo by Joico that was on sale for $20.00. It's not like me to purchase a product without checking out reviews or trying it first but it was on a whim and I assumed Joico was a product I could trust. Turns out I was wrong about this and this shampoo/conditioner seemed to make my dry hair problems even worse. There was too much artificially lilac scent added to it and it was doing nothing for my dryness. Shortly after this I saw that Walgreens had a sale on Organix Conditioners for buy one get one free. I've heard good things about them so I went a little crazy and bought 4. I've used the conditioner a few times and I feel like it helped but I just didn't have my shampoo game right yet. Then I took my trip to Portland...

I've heard about how amazing "It's a 10" is but all the times I had the opportunity to purchase it I just didn't want to spend the money because I hadn't tried it out, same goes for Macadamia products. While in Portland I made a trip to Nordstrom Rack and found a few products by these companies and decided finally give them a try since the price was right, there was no sales tax and my hair was in desperate need. It also helped that my cousin who I was visiting had a few that I was able to test out before my purchase. I ended up going with the Macadamia Shampoo and Healing Oil treatment as well as the "It's a 10" deep conditioner and and Keratin Shampoo. The shampoo is not drying at all and the conditioner is the best I've ever used. It can be left in for only a couple a minutes as a regular conditioner or you can let it set for 5 minutes or more so that it becomes a treatment. The oil is amazing also, it really locks in the moisture from my deep conditioning and smells amazing. It also says that it can be added to any conditioner to create a treatment. I'm going to add it to my "It's a 10" conditioner and leave it in and see what kind of results I get from that. I'm assuming a SUPER CONDITIONER.

I've been using the three products above  for almost a month now and the results have been amazing! My hair is so soft and less frizzy and smells amazing. I regret that it took me this long to make a real investment in my hair but I'm glad that when I did it I purchased the right products. In order to keep my hair from being bored I'm going to rotate between conditioners and eventually add in using the "It's a 10" keratin shampoo but right now this is working for me. If you know of any other really great conditioners or treatments I'd love to hear about it.

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