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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

So as mentioned in my last post, I am now apart of an artist/creative group called LovesickLA. I know some of my plus size friends may find this confusing because of the new plus clothing line under the name Lovesick, but just know that it's different.

Anywayyyyy, the photo set featured here is the second project I worked on with this group and I can say whole heartedly that it was my favorite shoot to date. I've been in situations where I'm totally on the same page as the photographer or model and we create some magic, but in this instance, everyone involved was feeling the rush that we created something truly amazing. The concept for the shoot came from LovesickLA's stylist, creative director and CEO Danika Ormonde. She sent me the mood board (pictured below) and I was immediately into it. Though beauty makeup is my favorite style, I had really been itching to start on something editorial.

One of the things about how I go about makeup application is that I don't always have a plan. This is actually something I'm working on because I want to be a little more technical in my approach, but in this situation it totally worked. Jourdan Jerome, our model/muse has an amazing look to her. One that I noticed could lean a bit more on the androgynous side if she wanted to. With Danika's direction, we went with nude tones and she wanted to bleach out her brows. While we didn't take to actually bleaching them, I decided to do a mixture of a pale shadow color adhered with concealer to give her brows a rough texture. I wanted her brows to contrast the smooth texture of the paint on her body.

For her hair, the original plan was to stick with a sleek low pony. After teasing her hair and slicking back the sides, we ended up leaving the rest of her down with just a pomp at the top. After doing her hair I took a step back and realized what my inspiration was totally David Bowie! Again, this was the direction the work flowed and everyone was on board with it because it all tied together in an amazing way.

We then hauled off to our location with a gritty concrete background. Jourdan and photographer Jose Cervantes proceeded to create. The combination of Jourdan feeling comfortable and free and inspired paired with Jose's amazing ability to capture her at the perfect moment is really what makes the photos what they are. You can tell that it was all flowing, but also that you're dealing with some incredibly talented people. I'm still in awe that I was apart of this and the photos produced are my favorite to date.

Which is why it's super exciting that Skynn Magazine decided to do a feature on it. We put so much creativity and love and thought into this shoot and I hope that it shows. You can find the article with a few interview questions from Jourdan here.

Until next time! Keep creating.

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