Summer to Fall Foundation

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I've mentioned on more than one occasion that I'm into dewy finish foundation. With it being so hot this summer I stuck with a lighter foundation like MAC Studio Sculpt and Lancome Tient Idole, but there were times when I also needed full coverage. A while back I purchased my shade NC25 in MAC's full coverage foundation and sent me NW25. I don't have much if any warmth in my undertone so I scooped out half the pot and put the foundation in my kit but I still had half the container left. I tried the NW25 just to test and the red was definitely a little noticeable so I toned it down by mixing it together with Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 120 and created the perfect Summer to Fall transitioning foundation. The full coverage foundation handles all the blemish problems you may be having and adding the Fit Me foundation gives the dewy look, the more you add the more dewy the texture. I only did a couple dabs because I don't like to wear powder lately. I just want to pat translucent powder on my oily areas and call it a day. I apply my foundation with a Beauty Blender and found this is the easiest way to blend the two textures together without a problem. One is a cream and one is a liquid so it takes a little bit of work to make your face look flawless but it will happen. I love this new routine because you can add or subtract the two textures to get the perfect look. Ill be sticking with this well into the fall months.

Above: MAC Full Coverage Foundation in NW25 and Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 120. 

Above: Morning face! Mostly full overage and dabs of the Fit Me 

Above: Beauty Blend the house down! 

Above: finished face right after application. Not too matte and not too dewy.

Above: Me with this foundation routine 11 hours after application. You can see the monster zit on my cheek struggling to be visible but other than that my skin stayed very flawless. 

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