Review: Lina Hanson Global Serums

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

With the summer heat still in full effect moisturizing is at the top of my priority list. When I put a moisturizer on my skin before I go to sleep I need to know a few things, that it will over compensate for the deep cleaning and drying my cleanser may do, that it will penetrate deep in the layers of skin and it will improve its look and feel. I am so excited to say I have found all of this and more in Lina Hanson's Global Face and Body Serum. In line with my quest for more natural beauty products I was really impressed with what Lina Hanson's serums have to offer. I've tested them for 2 weeks now and the texture and moisture value of my skin has noticeably improved.

Above: Photo Credit @LinaHanson (instagram)

A little about Lina, she is a traveling makeup artist that has worked with an impressive repertoire of clients and has created her skin care line around natural and skin improving ingredients from around the world. She aims to steer away from mass produced, chemical filled products and produces "100% Natural Skin Care for All Ethnicities."
For the Global Face Serum I decided to really put it to the test by deep cleaning my skin with a face wash that cleanses well but tends to be a bit drying. I shook the bottle as instructed and put a few drops in the palm of my hand, I lightly rubbed my hands together to spread the serum around and pressed it into my face. The smell is really incredible, it's definitely herbal and relaxing which makes it ideal for before bed. After my first application I was laying in bed and I recalled brushing my hand across my face and for a second it felt like I had a satin skin primer on, my skin had already taken on this soft amazing texture that did not feel overly greasy. I continued use over the course of two weeks but only at night. Because this is an oil and I use a water based foundation, I did not want the two components to mix in the morning and effect the wear of my makeup. Even though I was using a the serum only at night, the texture, elasticity and moisture level of my skin has improved.
For the Global Body Serum I have also been using that for the past two weeks and am also happy with the results. I put it through a few tests, first I applied it after the shower when my skin is more susceptible to moisture. When I did this the softness lasted throughout the day. I then tried applying it dry, when I did this it was moisturizing but it did not last the entire day which is understandable ad my skin is really dry, but it got the Job done. Also, the scent to the Body Serum is a little more sweet and citrus like as opposed to the very herbal scent of the face serum. It almost smells like a 50/50 bar of vanilla and orange ice cream. It has proven to be very ideal for after shower use and not only is my skin moisturizer but its glowing as well. If you are looking for an amazing smelling deep penetrating moisturizer you would not be disappointed with either of these product.

Overall Lina Hanson's products deliver their promise. They are all natural, moisturizing, hand made, and they brought out a beautiful glow to my skin that it desperately needed. I appreciate her taking the time to develop a product that she has put her heart into and I hope others support her cause to creat global beauty products as well. 

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