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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hello Friends!
If you saw my current makeup collection you might ask yourself, is Amanda still a beauty blogger? Does she even like makeup at all? What does she put on her face? Where did all her stuff go? I have downsized my collection so much that I really don't even need drawers for storage anymore. But this really has more to do with me eliminating what I don't need so I can make room for what I do as my purchases have not completely slowed down. I've really transitioned from someone who was obsessed with shadow and color to someone who's obsessed with skincare and my collection reflects this. So on that note I decided to put up some of my gently used or brand new products for my readers to hopefully enjoy.

Also, Since my storage has changed I will be updating how I house my current products soon and if you would like I can also do a post on my makeup kit (for professional use) which still has a ton of products. If you want to see that, please leave a comment below.


As much as I would love to extend this sale to my readers overseas I cannot, so this will be a US only sale. The way that this will work is that my prices are listed below, send an email to mandyapplemakeup@gmail.com and title it Blog Sale. In the body of the email please list the products you would like to purchase. I will write you back with a confirmation that the item is still available then you can submit the payment for the products or products through PayPal and add $4 for shipping. My paypal email account is abourne88@gmail.com.

Thank you!

1. MAC Iridescent Powder in Golden Bronze -$12 $8
Very gently used, I took a couple scoops out of this for my makeup kit but still found I rarely use a loose powder highlighter. This color works very well for deeper skin tones.

2. MAC Iridescent Powder in Silver Dusk - $12 $8
Very gently used, I took a couple scoops out of this for my makeup kit but still found I rarely use a loose powder highlighter.


3. Benefit blush In Bella Bomba -$8 $5
Fairly used, but still plenty left. Have yet to hit pan.

4. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar -$18 $15
VERY gently used, I love the Beige as a highlighter but found the Nectar as a blush was not for me.

5. Kevyn Aucoin eye shadow duo in #202 -$28 $20
NEVER used, only swatched. I actually won this duo in a contest and just could never bring myself to use it.

6. Laura Mercier foundation primer in Protect -$10 $8
NEVER used.
7. Ralph Lauren body lotion in Romance -$10
Used a few times.
8. Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser, Sensitive Skin -$10
Used once.
9. MAC Eyeshadow in Water -$10
Never used, only swatched.

10. Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Palette -$15 $10
Used on a few occasions, but most shades only swatched.


11. Kat Von D Poetica Palette -$10
Used a couple of time

12. Coastal Scents 6 Contour Blush palette -$8 $5
Gently used

Thanks again, I will be updating this post as items sell so that you all know what is still available. I also have a few more products I can put up, so if this goes well I will probably be having another sale with more lip products soon!

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  1. hi i would love the mac highlights are they avalable