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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello Everyone!

I know it's been a while (and really what else is new) but I've actually been very busy with other projects and would love to share that with you now!

A couple of months ago I was informed that Skorch Magazine was opening themselves up for public submissions and I decided to write a piece for them. Fortunately for me the ladies in charge really loved my work and not only did they publish my article, but it was a cover story! My inspiration for the piece was the topic, "does the plus size movement feel hyper-sexual?" Writing this article was defintely a fun experience for me, as you know I have been looking into branching out beyond just beauty blogging. I would like to give you all more of an insight on not just my beauty routine and reviews but also into my personal experiences and opinions as well. Being exposed to the readers of Skorch really motivated me to do more opinion based writing and I look forward to being able to share those types of posts in the future.

I'm including a link to the full issue of the magazine so that you can also enjoy all of the other wonder articles and spreads that this issue has to offer. There were some issue with the original platform so Scorch has posted this entire issue on their Facebook page. I'm also pasting the last two paragraphs of my article below. I'm not going to pretend like I know the ins and outs of editing but I'm sure for issues of space these were omitted by the publishers and my article lacked a conclusion. This conclusion to me was really essential to understanding my stance on the issue so I have it below for you. I will have more posts soon in regards to life and beauty! Thank you for sticking it out with me.

February 2015 Issue of Scorch Magazine

My final paragraphs...

Sometimes I feel like the plus movement only feels hypersexual because it’s fat women that are being sexualized. Sure we’re used to seeing thin models with little clothing on, but add a couple hundred pounds and all of a sudden everyone wants to talk about how offended they are. This is really the harsh reality of it though, fat bodies offend, and that is why for years we have been told to cover them up. To dress them in unfashionable clothing so they don’t draw attention, but we are at a point now where we want to draw attention. We want to tell the world that we love our bodies and we deserve to feel sexy in them. 

It’s almost as if we had no choice but to start with this extreme, to begin with being naked.  Look at all of the accolades that have been achieved through this declaration. Gabi Fresh now has her own collection of bikinis and bathing suits because she confidently wore a “fatkini” in public, looked amazing, and posted it to social media. Tess Holliday (formerly Tess Munster) is the first plus size model of her shape and size to be signed to a major modeling agency and she’s posting photos of herself in her underwear every week. We are forcing the world to look at us, to see the confidence that we radiate and to not look down on it, but to recognize that we are reclaiming a space that never should have been taken from us in the first place.

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