Winter Foot Care

Friday, January 30, 2015

Winter Foot Care

I've said on here a few times that I really don't like the process of putting on lotion. It takes a special kind that isn't too sticky or greasy for me to actually wear it. In the winter however, I really don't have the luxury of being this picky because my skin gets so dry and cracked that it needs extra love to keep it comfortable, especially my feet. Here is a remedy I do when I feel my feet start to get extra dry, or worse when they crack and I have a painful cut underneath my toe because I didn't start this process early enough.

What You'll Need: 

The process for this is really simple. While in the shower, use the bristle side of the foot brush and scrub your feet with the moisturizing shower oil. If you need it, use the callus remover sides or scrubber sides to get the callus off so your moisturizer will soak in better. Once you get out of the shower and dry off, put a huge coat of the heavy moisturizer on your feet. You want to think of this as a mask so use more than you normally would. If you wanted to you can also add a tea tree or peppermint oil to sooth them a bit, but I'm skipping this step. Then before your feet can touch the ground, lock in the moisure with a cozy sock. This actually feels really strange and sticky when you put the socks on, but I deal with this feeling by immediately going to sleep. Then when you wake up, you take the socks off and the moisturizer is absorbed and your feet are hydrated and baby soft!

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