Coachella 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Well, it’s finally here. Festival season is upon us and for me that means Coachella! The main questions I get asked by those who have never attended this life changing event is, “Is it really worth it? Is it all just hype? It’s so expensive…” And to that all I have to say is yes, no, and so?? The Coachella experience is worth every dollar, every sunburn and every aching back from sleeping in a tent. It’s worth the trip, the lost shoes and porta-potty use (ok that part really sucks, but still…) it’s worth it all. It’s an incredible experience that I look forward to all year long and I’m here to tell you that if you’re thinking about going, go. Go with an amazing group of friends, go with plenty of booze, go with an open mind and a friendly attitude. But most importantly go prepared after reading this because I’m going to tell you what I pack to stay cute and fresh during this three day adventure in the California desert.

The first and most obvious factor to consider is the heat. There is no way around it, you’re camping in a polo field in the middle of the desert, it’s not going to drop below 100 degrees while the sun is out. With that you’re going to have to find a way to be cute as well as comfortable for as long as you feel like putting in the effort. Luckily thanks to the body positive movement and the fact that these festivals have gotten so popular, you can find “Coachella Style” clothing almost anywhere at any price point in all sizes. I’ve put together pieces from different brands so you can mix and match. For me I mainly stuck with products on the lower end of the spectrum because of how dirty your clothes can potentially get. There are dust storms, mud, water and grass just waiting to ruin your outfit and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that I may not be able to wear again, but that of course is up to you. 

The most important thing to me is that my clothing needs to breathe. This is actually why I’ve opted out of wearing spanx. I usually am never caught wearing a skirt without shape wear but with the uncomfortable heat I want to make sure that my lady parts are able to breathe freely. This is why I’ve substituted shape wear for a high waisted pair of bikini bottoms. The bikini bottoms allow support almost all the way up to my bra line and are made of material that is much more breathable than panty hose. Also, it doesn’t hurt to always have a bathing suit on just in case you want to roam around the Do Lab and play in some water. Win win. 

Now this brings me to my next necessity. If you’re lacking a thigh gap you are no stranger to chaffing.  Along with the bikini bottoms, most of my clothing are either dresses or shorts so my thighs are going to be doing some serious rubbing. My secret weapon for all of this is an anti-chaffing cream I found in the tampon section at Target. You can get these almost anywhere and sometimes they can be found in the foot care isle. They come in a tube cream or in a rub on stick (similar to deodorant) for convenient use. As soon as you can, put this stuff on your thighs. You’re going to be walking and dancing from the minute you step foot on that grass and you don’t want to let a thigh blister kill your vibe on day one. Also, for this same purpose I also carry around a small bottle of baby powder. This too relieves chaffing and is much cheaper than the cream, it just doesn’t last as long. So I use the baby powder for sweaty spots like under my boobs, behind my knees and my feet. Remember, comfort is key! 

And the last thing you’ll need, as I mentioned previously, is a great attitude. Coachella is supposed to be fun! Whenever I hear someone talking about the negatives (the heat, the crowds, the camping, the long days) I just know they either haven’t gone or they went with the wrong attitude. You are letting loose and living in a fantasy land for 3 days out of the year. You are surrounded by fellow music lovers in a place designed specifically for your enjoyment. It’s about you having the time of your life, making new friends, and of course being incredibly stylish and comfortable while doing it.  So go out and do that, hopefully I’ll see you there. 

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