My Makeup Collection and Storage

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I recently decided to throw out my old makeup set up which consisted of an Ikea desk with lots of shelving and a closed work space that was just not working for me. I was unable to see my collection because all of my products were hidden in different places, and I was using my train case as my main housing unit and I didn't like that I had to dig through the box to find the things I needed. So I did some googling on DIY makeup storage and I found a very inspirational post by Vichy et Pois. Here is the link to her post DIY Makeup Storage by Vichy et Poit. She purchased a shelf from Ikea that had a glass top so she could see all of her products and I thought that was brilliant! So I set out to purchase that shelf as well as a rolling cart I had seen at Michaels to create my dream makeup station, and so far I'm extremely happy with it.

For the shelf portion I have all of my palettes underneath the glass. On top (left to right) A sephora bag filled with q-tips and cotton balls, some hand sanitizer. A plastic carrier holding my foundation, powder and some moisturizers. A pencil holder filled with my brushes, then a brush holder from Sephora with a brush collection from last winter. 

On the right  I have a moisturizer, Fix +, UD All Nighter Spray and a holder with all my mascaras. 

I was so excited about the rolling shelf because Michael's was having a sale on the brand, I got it for 40% off, which turned out to be about $40. Here I have my perfume on top. My Valentina is in the box because I've been using it too much lately! Gotta calm down because that mess was expensive haha ;). 

For my first drawer I have nothing but blushes and bronzers

Second drawer has a container with nothing but eyeliner, then some random loose eyeshadows, then cream color bases and pencils. In the back are my false lashes.

Next I have my skin primers, shadow bases/ primers, concealers and luminizing bases. 

The bottom 3 drawers are about twice as deep as the first ones. This was perfect for the larger containers I have for my lipsticks and glosses. Then on the side of them I have my makeup wipes. 

Then I have my random drawer. I has a container with my lip pencils, my perfume samples, random eyeshadows, tape, removers, scope haha 

Lastly, I have all my makeup cases/purses. I seriously have no idea why I have so many of these! But when I see a cute one I convince myself that I need it. So this is what happens...

And that's all! I think what I love the most is it's so easy to see exactly what I have and what I need. The only problem is now that it's organized I feel the need to fill it up and shop more! I just bought 2 new palettes (the Smashbox and Lorac Pro ones in the first couple pictures) and I'll be reviewing those soon. 

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  1. OMG!! amazing!! absolutely love this. May have to steal the idea of your table *hehe* Why haven't i discovered your blog before?! :P. Thanks for this post, and you have a fantastic blog here. Please write more!! :) - your newest follower

    Ploy <3 xx

    1. Thank you! I'm back in posting mode and have many ideas in store. Thank you for subscribing! I'm glad you found me!

  2. I love your drawer unit! Been searching for one for my own collection. I also suffer from having too many makeup purses, they're just too pretty!

    1. I'm in love with this drawer set! All I need are some good mini storage units so everything isn't so messy and it'll be perfect