Review: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Okay Folks, it's review time!
Studio Sculpt Foundation by MAC now holds a special place in my heart. I've even set aside my beloved Laura Mercier Creme Foundation for it. Ideal for dry skin, Studio Sculpt is a full coverage foundation with a dewy finish. If you have dry skin you probably know that it's difficult to find a full coverage foundation that looks dewy as well, but I love that this product was able to do both. And one of my favorite things about it is you really don't even need a lot of product to get the coverage you need, especially now that it's summer time. What I have been doing with it lately is mixing it with some fix + spray and applying with a foundation brush and it goes on a little more sheer but still has great coverage. I then set it with either some translucent powder or my Mineralized Powder Foundation by Sephora to get a nice sheen while still preventing the foundation from running off my face in the heat. Really the only complaint I have about it is the smell, but most of their foundations smell pretty bunk.

I'm also a really big fan of the way it's packaged. It's in a squeeze tube so you don't contaminate the product by double dipping, but also so none goes to waste because you can squeeze out the last drop, unlike bottles. 

So overall I give a big thumbs up to this foundation. Definitely my new favorite for full coverage and based on how long I've had it and how little I've had to use, I predict it will last me a while as well.

Below: Here I am wearing it with Sephora powder on top and some bronzer. At this point it had been on my skin for about 3 hours. The coverage is full and natural looking. 

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  1. Looks like a great product! I don't use foundation and I have combo skin. But it seems like it'd be good for my mom's dry skin! Thanks for the review!

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