Updated Face Cleansing Routine

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Monday Everyone!

This post if going to be half face routine, half review of The Body Shop's Tea Tree line of face cleansing products, enjoy! Comment or email if you have any questions :)

About two months ago I was on the hunt for a cleanser to put my skin in check and clear up any unwanted acne that I had recently been experiencing. I asked around and my cousin purchased the Tea Tree set from The Body Shop and told me that it was working amazing for her skin. She wears a great deal of makeup like I do on a regular basis so I figured I would give the products a shot. At the time they were having a sale of buy 3 get 2 free. So I purchased the Foaming Face wash, the Blackhead clearing scrub, Toner, Face Lotion and the Mask. I have been using these products for the entire 2 months and I would say the only things worth purchasing again are the toner and the mask, which is why they are now apart of my routine. The foaming cleanser did not take off my makeup the way I had hoped and the scrub was hardly scrubbing anything off. I like my scrubs to be filled with little tiny beads so they really work their way into my skin. This scrub had very few beads and they were sort of large and seemed to not be able to do the job I wanted them to. Also be warned that this entire line burned/tingled my skin when I applied them, especially the lotion. To me it was extremely drying and when applied on top of blemishes it burned so bad I almost couldn't take it. I would say the lotion was my least favorite purchase of all. However, I did fall in love with the toner and the face mask. The toner leaves your skin feeling amazingly fresh, but also it isn't too drying. Once I wipe my skin with it, there is still plenty of moisture left so that I am not applying my moisturizer onto dry skin. Also the mask is amazing, it tingles the skin in a good way and feels very refreshing. Once removed it leaves your skin feeling clear and super soft.

Since I was really disappointed with the cleansers I started rummaging through the drawers in my bathroom to see what else I could use to wash off my makeup and I came across a travel size bottle of Purity by Philosophy. I used this product years ago and I do not remember why I switched cleansers, I forgot how amazing it is. It takes off makeup with ease, it's gentle and works well with every skin type, and it smells amazing! So I back to claiming this as my go-to cleanser. Once I was my face with this, I tone with the Tea Tree toner, and if need be I apply the Tea Tree Mask (I do this about once every 4 days or so). Finally, I apply a moisturizer. For a while I had been using Lubriderm's moisturizer for dry skin and it was working great because there were no harsh scents and it didn't irritate my skin. But after hearing some great things about MAC's Studio Moisture Cream I gave this is a shot and I'm so happy I did! I really can't say enough about how much I'm in love with this moisturizer. It smells amazing, it's so silky and creamy and it hydrates like nothing I've ever used. I apply it at night and in the morning and my skin is so soft with no signs of dryness. When I use it in the morning I give it a few minutes to dry and set into my skin, then I apply a primer and do my face routine and I'm really happy with how my skin is clearing back up. Though I have a tendency to switch my routines up, I really want to stick with this one because so far it's working out great!

Back to having clear skin! 

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