5 Beauty Trends for 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Beauty Trends

If you’re like the majority of those in the states right now you’re probably experiencing weather so cold that your incredible fashion sense is suffering. Russian snow boots and ski masks aren’t exactly on trend, but they are necessary at the moment. Before you get too down about it just know that there is hope! You will soon be able to shed the layers and debut some of the hottest trends happening in beauty for 2014. 

1.     High Topknot Bun – I remember walking down State Street in Santa Barbara right as spring was emerging in 2011 and noticing a messy bun for the first time. I was both shocked and delighted that something so simple was trending and looked great with a coral dress, denim jacket and a pair of Chloe sunglasses. Now it is 2014 and though the bun has evolved to a topknot, it is still relevant and on trend.  This variation is a bit more polished as it is seen with the sides slicked, which can be achieved with palm aid, but the bangs (if you have them) can be left a bit messy. The hair is pulled high on the head and twisted to form the appearance of a knot. It takes a little bit of mastering but it’s nothing a few YouTube tutorials can’t fix.
2.     Dewy, Natural Looking Skin – A great moisturizer, mineralized foundation and highlight are going to be the key to achieving this look. Dewy skin really gives the look of youth and it doubles as a bonus if your skin is on the oily side. After you prep with a moisturizer, apply a mineralized foundation with a duo fiber brush for an even application and add a touch of powder only where you would normally get oily. For most people this would be the T-Zone and maybe a little on the chin, the powder in your blush and highlight will take care of any oiliness on the cheeks. Make sure you add just a touch of each so the look is subtle. You can top the look off with a finishing spray like MAC’s Fix + for an added glow.
3.     A Golden Lid – One of the great things about gold and bronze eye shadow on the lid trending right now is this look really only requires two eye shadows and a little bit of blending. If you’re a beginner in makeup application this is the look for you. Cover the lid with a reflective gold eye shadow, taking the color up to the crease of your eye but no further. From here you can take a matte nude shadow and blend out the edges. If you would like, add a bit of the gold underneath your bottom lashes and blend that out with the matte shadow as well. Curl your lashes and add multiple coats of mascara to finish the look.  If you want to make it really dramatic you can add a black liner to your top and bottom waterline.
4.     Orange Lips – With the emergence of independent makeup brands specializing in lipstick (See Lime Crime and Melt Cosmetics), “out of the box” lip colors are becoming the norm. If you’re not quite brave enough to walk out the door with black lips topped with glitter (Yeah, I did that, so?), then try an orange lip! With this look you can allow the lipstick to do the talking by applying a bronze or taupe colored blush and mascara. You want the orange to be the focal point and it will be, give an even application using a makeup brush and make sure your blot so the color doesn’t end up on your teeth!  
5.     Subdued Nails – Yes we have discovered nail art, yes it is amazing, but having an extravagant design on each nail is a lot of work! And we know that it doesn’t look as polished as the subtle nudes with a tiny pop of color that we’re seeing on the runway. Instead of adding some gold accents and glitter, opt for a nude polish with a pastel painted moon and do the same for each nail. This look is much more sophisticated and will allow your statement lipstick to steal the show instead.

The beauty trends of 2014 are all about making statements, not about making it complicated. In the world of elaborate Instagram ombre lips and defined brows it is good to see that the “less is more” approach still reins supreme. Now get out of your long johns, throw on your freak ‘em dress (thanks Beyoncé) and give them a try.

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