Adventures in Makeup Kit Organizing

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I've learned to view my makeup kit as not a project that is completed, but instead an organism that is living and breathing and changing as I change. This might sound weird, but it's the only way I can see it as something that suits me for the moment, instead of something that is complete. I am still on the hunt for the perfect rolling case (I think I've found it) so for now this is my set up. Though the carrying aspect is the most frustrating thing about because I have everything stored in a set bag that is actually a crafting bag from Michael's, for now this is working. The key to keeping it from really frustrating me has been to keep like with like and in clear bags. So here we go with the breakdown...

 My "set bag" is actually a crafting bag I picked up at Michael's during a sale, is cost around $15.00.

This bag I carry outside of the set bag because it's too big to fit inside. It carries by shadows, blushes, pigments and setting sprays (Photo Below). 

I keep my foundation, concealer and powder products in a clear double zip bag that I got from Walmart for $5.00. 

I don't want to go in depth with all the products I use, but I do want to say that these Face Atelier products have saved my life when it comes to foundation matching. 

Add 0+ when you want to go deeper in shade and 0- when you need to go lighter. 

My Ben Nye Powders and a Tarte translucent powder

I keep my lips products in one zip up, my eye pencils and mascaras in another, then mixing medium and brow products, and last random stuff like tweezers, powder puff and spatula in another. 

Lastly, I have some miscellaneous cleaning products like hand sanitizer, 99% alcohol, moisturizer and baby oil 

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