Coachella: What I'm Packing

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I can't believe it's been a year since I blindly bought my Coachella 2014 tickets on presale having no idea who was going to be performing and whether or not I was going to camp or stay at a hotel. All I knew was that I wanted to experience this festival at least once in my life and I was not going to BS on craigslist hoping to score a ticket last minute.
So needless to say when the line up came out I was super pumped and ready for the adventure. Now here I am the night before, having spent the past two days running around like a mad woman getting my supplies together (because you know I didn't have a year to do all this shit) and now I'm exhausted, excited, and ready to go (we decided on camping!).

Since this is my first trip I asked my brother for advice on packing since he's gone the past 4 years now, but as an over prepared and paranoid woman I googled some check lists from other veteran festival goers just to be sure. After reading a couple lists I felt like there were a few themes with what was being packed and what could stay behind. So I'm letting you in a few "essentials" that seemed necessary and my makeup bag that I concluded on my own considering the elements and possible lack of a bathroom.

 Here's a list of a few odds and end essentials that made sense to me. 

1. Sunblock/tanning oil/aloe Vera - it's going to be an average of 95 degrees while I'm out there and my skin is as white as can be. My sunblock is SPF 110 because I'm dramatic. The aloe Vera is here because I know that not matter how much I put on I know I will still burn. And honestly I have no idea why I'm taking tanning oil, I don't tan and if I use it alone I will definitely burn. But I have it so it's going. 
2. Baby wipes - I know I can't function without a shower but I've read a few horror stories about the lines being 3 hours long. I have no shame in using these guys to keep the funk off. 
3. Deodorant - secret to me really makes the best one and I wanna make sure I have something powerful for the sun and the dancing. 
4. Aleve - I'm praying to the gods above that I don't get my period, but it's looking like a serious possibility (why, why?!). Aleve is the only thing that cures all my symptoms. I would be the worst person to be around without it. 
5. Tissues - I found these slim packs of 10 on sale at walmart. I read that sometimes toilet paper isn't always handy, so these are going in my bag. 
6. Hand sanitizer - for obvious reasons 
7. Burt's bees - I knew I needed a balm and to me Burt's peppermint is the holy grail so I sprung for the good stuff. 
8. Dry shampoo and boar bristle comb - I'm not bringing any kind of flat iron or blow dryer so there's a real possibility that I won't be washing my hair. This stuff is going to save my life. 
9. Gum - duh 
10. Allergy medication - dust storms are not unheard of and I don't want a sinus headache ruining my time. Plus this knock off Zurtec was only $.88! 

Now on to makeup! I'm really keeping it as simple as can be. I know I want SPF, an even skin tone, a brow, and some glow so my options were simple. 

1. Neutragena Clear Face Moisturizer with SPF - just in case I don't wanna mess with my BB cream, I wanna make sure I'm protecting my face. 
2. philosophy A-Z cream in Medium. This BB Cream has SPF, gives a really good coverage and helps fight the signs of aging. So I'm down with it. 
3. MAC prep + prime highlighter pen - to give me that glow 
4. MAC dip down fluid line and omega eye shadow - for my brows
5. NARS Santa Fe Powder and Orgasm Blush - to tone down shine and give me a glow that goes with any outfit. 
6. MAC pro longwear bronzed in nude on board - obvious reasons. 
7. MAC zoom lash 
8. Maybelline Fit Me concealer in light - I chose to bring this one along because it's got a wand on it for easy application and the texture is super creamy. It'll keep my skin looking dewy and not over done. 
9. I forgot to picture this but makeup wipes! I have no idea if I'll have the means to wash my face (I hope I do!) but if I can't I wanna make sure I can get it clean with a wipe. 
10. Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray - to help my face stay out for as long as possible. 
Lastly, we have clothing. I'm not going to go into too much detail about this. But what I will say is that I wanted to go for bohemian but also comfortable. I have 2 closed toe shoe options, Steve Madden boots and Toms in case the ground is too muddy and a sandal in case it isn't. I tried to stick with like colors except the daisy dress because I had to have it! But that's why it's paired with a hat to keep me cool. I'm hoping I can get some good outfit posts while I'm there, so look out for that :) 

Well that's basically what I'm packing! There were a few things I didn't photograph that I'm also bringing like a sleep mask, ear plugs, condoms (you never know!), bug spray, toilet paper and  other necessary toiletries like a toothbrush but that's pretty much it! It's almost 1:00am the night before I'm leaving so I need to get my ass to sleep. If you're going or have any other festival suggestions please leave them in a comment and maybe I will see you there! 

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  1. Where do you do your shopping? I love that dress!

  2. I got everything but the shorts from Forever 21 + :)