Estee Lauder Limited Edition Luxe Color Purchase w/ Purchase

Sunday, November 9, 2014

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I'm going to be honest, I've really blown off Estee Lauder up until a few months ago. I had dismissed them as an "old lady" brand that can't keep up with me and my beauty needs (ouch!). Without even really looking into the products they have available I just assumed that the lip colors would be all a strange shade of pink and the shadow would only consist of shimmers. I did find however, that I am pleasantly surprise with what this brand has to offer. Slowly I am falling in love with their fragrances as well as their color line, and I thought what better way to really introduce myself but to get this huge purchase with purchase compilation that they have going on.

When I picked up my AERIN fragrance lotion as mentioned in my previous post, I couldn't help but pick up this amazing set. I felt like this was a good opportunity to try a majority of the Lauder line to see how I really feel about it. It is still too early for me to review the products as I have not used them all, but I will say that after a week of what I have used I am happy with my purchase. I'm getting the most use out of the eyeshadow palette and mascara at the moment. The palette has this beautiful matte/granite shade that I've been using to deepen my crease. It's a really great everyday look starter. Though I think there could be less shimmers and find the blue-ish tones to be of no use to me, I still find myself reaching for this over other palette I have. I'm also in LOVE with the nail color and can't wait to put it on my toes the next time I get a pedi. It's a nice deep red wine/maroon shade.

And truth be told I am actually a little overwhelmed with how many pieces this comes with. It is very possible that I will be breaking up items I haven't put to use and distribute them as gifts, but we will is if I'm feeling generous or not when the holidays roll around :)

If you're wondering where to pic up this set you can buy it on their website or I picked up mine at Nordstrom, and I believe Macy's is carrying it as well.

Tried to get the full collection in the shot, so much stuff!

 The lip products are probably my favorite

Top Sellers

That granite/brown, last row 3rd shadow over. LOVE. 

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