My Favorite Winter Fragrances

Monday, January 12, 2015

Here are a few of my favorite scents for the winter time. I try to match the mood of the scent with the weather for the most part, yet some of these can be worn all year round (Chanel is always in season). If you're looking to switch up your everyday fragrance, here are some of my favorite options.

1. Stella by Stella McCartney- This is really my all time favorite fragrance. I remember the first time I got a sample of it from Sephora, I sprayed it on and stepped out of my car and the first woman to walk near me stopped me and asked what I was wearing because she was about to go buy it. After I finished my sample tube, I did the same.
Notes: rose, peony flower, mandarin, rose absolute and amber.

2. Candy by Prada- This fragrance is for those who want to try something a little more daring. I love this scent for going out because it really smells like nothing else anyone else would be wearing and it is very long lasting.
Notes: carmel, musk, vanilla, benzoin

2. Shine by Dior Addict- I really shouldn't have put this scent on the list because it's almost impossible to find but I really love this fragrance. It is so clean and fresh smelling yet it's also floral and sophisticated. I like to wear it for a day out shopping because it's not too overwhelming to be smelling all day.
Notes: gardenia, raspberry, cedar woods

4. Chance (original) by Chanel- Even though I love all of the difference Chance fragrances, the original parfume will always be my favorite. I love the scent and love even more that it stays in my scarves and jackets even weeks after I've worn them. A staple scent for sure.
Notes: patchouli, grasse jasmine, vanilla, orris, vetiver

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