The Perfect Cherry Red Lip

Sunday, January 4, 2015

This lip combination was actually discovered by accident while I was at work. I never, I repeat NEVER wear lip gloss. Kind of because of the texture but mostly because it always ends up on my teeth. I also am a sucker for a great matte lip shade and they last longer than a gloss does. However, as you may know I am a total label whore when it comes to nice packaging and damn it, Chanel really did it for me this time!

Above: Took an awkward public selfie because the lighting was just oh-so-right

Now before I get into the gloss to end all glosses, let me talk about the lips I left my house with. If you want a solid red lip without the added attention that the gloss topping will give you, go for this combo. I lined my lips with NYX Retractable Lip Liner in RED, then I filled them in with the old faithful MAC Ruby Woo. Now I wear red lips pretty much every day, so this look was not dazzling to any of my coworkers, that was until I put on the gloss. I'm not even exaggerating I got 5x the compliments on my lip color that day than I had any other day when I wore this same cherry red combo. The Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in 19 Pirate is just the best damn red gloss on the planet. It gave my lips the pop they needed and the texture is smooth and non-sticky. Also, the best part about it if I'm being honest with myself is the packaging! The wand has a push top (almost like a pen click) and then you just slide the color out and add the perfect amount of gloss and shine to your cherry lips!

And of course, their are always alternatives to this. I'm sure if you add some clear gloss of any sort to your lips you may get the same reaction, but I'm going to credit the gloss since I went ahead and spent $35.00 on it.

 Cheesin' in public 

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