My New Face Routine

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I've been experiencing breakouts more lately and I'm pretty sure I can attribute that to me changing my birth control, because for the most part I have clear skin. But I do wear a fair amount of makeup so it's important to me that my skin is nice and clean before I go to sleep. For a while I had been searching for a cleanser that makes my skin feel clean, but also not too dried out. My skin type is Dry-Normal and I typically have no problem finding a cleanser that takes the makeup off, but most of them strip away my natural oils and leave my skin feeling even more dry and tight. And as of now the products I'm using do not do that...

Cleanser- Kampuku Beauty Bar
I discovered this cleanser when I was trolling thru some makeup up artist's Instagram and she promoted it as a great cleanser that does not over-dry the skin, and I can say that thia is a perfect description! This bar takes all of my makeup off with no problem and even before I apply my moisturizer my skin feels soft and clean. It doesn't have a scent so if you're sensitive to that, this is a perfect solution. It works well for all skin types and you only need to lather it up a little bit to get enough soup to take off a days worth of makeup. Definitely worth the buy. I purchased it at Sprouts market, it's an organic product so it might be sold in similar stores, or you can always get it on Amazon.

Price: $ 11.00
Rating: 9/10
Exfoliating: Beyond Belief ABH Pore Refining Blemish Scrub
I've been using this scrub for a while and I really do feel like it is clearing my skin. The scrubbing beads are super tiny so they're not too abrassive for daily use. But I find myself only using it about every 3 days or so. I'd say the only thing I don't like about it is that it has a really weird smell. Very similar to black licorice, which I don't like at all. But other than that, it does the trick and it a great buy. I bought mine at Sally's Beauty Supply.

Price: $6.59
Rating: 8.5/10

Toning- Oil of Olay Toner w/ Witchhazel
I don't use toner on my skin everyday, just on the days that I feel I need a bit more deep cleansing. And I want my skin to have that fresh feeling. I purchased this toner a while ago, and I like it. It doesn't dry out my skin and witchhazel has so many amazing effects on the skin such as clearing blemishes, soothing rashes, dry skin, and sun burns. Because of this I would also suggest buying straight witch hazel, which can also be purchased at sprouts for about $5.00.

Oil of Olay: $4.00
Rating: 7/10

Moisturizer: Neutragena Oil- Free Moisturizer
I LOVE this moisturizer! I was struggling for a while to find something with the perfect balance of being heavy enough to heal dry skin and light enough to wear under makeup and this is the perfect solution. The only down side is if you get it in your eyes, you're gonna be in some pain so just avoid that. Other than that, it's great

Price: $9.99
Rating: 9/10

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  1. Thanks for sharing your routine! I think I might try the beauty bar. I've been looking into natural and organic products lately. It's good to see witch hazel on the list! I also think it works the best when you have both toner and witch hazel :)

    Karen @