Review: MAC Prep + Prime Lip

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's kinda funny that my first review of a product after I mentioned working at Sephora isn't even sold at Sephora, but it's definitely worth mentioning which is why I'm bringing it up. And also I'll note that if you're looking for any other product similar to this at Sephora, the only one available is by Too Faced and it's called Lip Insurance. I personally haven't used it, but I haven't heard any great things about it.

The MAC Prep + Prime Lip is awesome if you have trouble with your lipstick bleeding onto your skin or getting on your teeth. It comes in a tube similar to a lipstick and you just glide the product on your lips. I was also given a tip from a woman at the counter that told me to to put the product also around the edge of my lips to really stop the color from bleeding, and that tip really works! I have a serious issue with bleeding and I feel like on many occasions I had product on my teeth. Now since using this I won't wear lipstick without it because I just don't want to have to worry.

Price: $15.00
Overall Rating: 10/ 10

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