Monday Rave: Benefit Highbeam and Sunbeam

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Rave: Benefit Highbeam and Sunbeam

I've discussed on here numerous times about what a fan I am of highlight on the tops of the cheek bones and various other places on the face. Recently I have fallen back in love with a product I purchased a while back from Benefit Cosmetics called Highbeam which is a cream based product that adds the perfect touch of reflection.
I think the reason why I put this on hold for a while was that I was using powder highlighters like the ones from Bobbi Brown (Shimmer Brick), but I've migrated back to a cream base because I like the finish a little bit better and I feel like I have a more control over the application. Highbeam comes in a bottle that looks like a nail polish bottle and the wand is exactly like a polish wand, so I dab a few dots in the area where I want my skin to glow (in most cases this is the tops of my cheek bones and possible above my brows) and then I take my ring finger and pat the product into my skin. Patting and not rubbing is really important to get it to sink into your skin without disturbing your makeup, especially because I like to apply this last. If you pat it the cream won't upset any powder that you have already used to set your makeup. If you've used this and found that you can't get it to work for you, try this technique and see how you feel about the application. It really does blend flawlessly into your skin whether you have a bare face or not.

Above: on the right I have a few dots of the Highbeam, then to the left of that is the same amount after I have patted it into the skin. It gives a nice glowy touch that isn't overwhelming. 

If you wanted you can also add a shimmer powder to the top of it for extra gleam, but I find that this works great on its own. The last step for me would be to set my face with a setting spray and I have a beautiful, glowing look. Another great thing about it is you don't have to have a full face of makeup for this to give you a pick me up. For example, today I did minimal makeup because I didn't have much planned. So I mixed half primer with half foundation so my makeup coverage would be light, then I put on some mascara, concealer a light dust of powder, some coral blush and Highbeam, my skin was natural and glowing looking. It's also worth mentioning that Highbeam is so powerful that it even shows it up the front facing camera of the iPhone, which is a pretty big deal since that camera is horrible. 
Also, please note if you have a deeper skin tone from what I'm told this product may not be right for you because it is best to lean toward a more golden tone for a natural look on deeper skin tones. This is why Benefit made Sunbeam which is exactly like Highbeam but it's a golden color and has the same effect. If you're looking to introduce yourself to a highlighter I would say give either of these products a try. They last a long time and go with any look. 

Above: Me wearing Highbeam on the tops of my cheek with a full face of makeup :) 

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