Monday Rave: Sedona Lace Zip Up Brush Belt

Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Monday! Today I'm celebrating my brothers 27th birthday and it is also the day I received my Sedona Lace shipment! I've been eyeing this zip up brush belt for a while and have seen plenty of good reviews so I decided to try it myself. Currently I have a MAC brush belt and it works fine aside from my brushes slipping out if I put the belt in my makeup case.
I'm also using the Makeup Forever brush holder that's shaped like a cup and I like that one but now I have too many brushes and they don't all fit in the cup. Now I feel like I'm perfectly happy with the zipper belt and the cup. The zipper belt holds a majority of my brushes except for the real techniques ones because the handles are so thick, so those go in the cup.
The belt is leather and it zips up nicely without catching and brush bristles when I close it up. It also has a spot to hold business cards which Is super convenient! It holds the brushes nice and snug and I don't see any signs of them coming loose. So as a first impression I'm super happy with it. It's also nice that I bought it while they had a 25% off coupon code. If you're looking into a brush belt you really can't go wrong with this one. It's sturdy, has the zipper and at $19.99 the price is perfect. 

Zipper open, lots of room! 

Zipper closed, brushes aren't going anywhere.

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